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Beautiful moments in Florida

How (else) will we conquer prevailing evil?

We often ask each other “why do bad things happen to good people?” another way of putting this very significant question is why does God allow bad things to happen to good people. If he is sovereign couldn’t He have prevented it from happening. How can a superior being call himself good if he has the power to stop evil from happening and doesn’t. Why is God finding great parking spaces for some people while hundreds of thousands of people are wiped out in a tsunami.

Well I feel like asking in response to those questions “could God have prevented Adam and Eve from sinning?” Yes. But because of the free will God chose to give us, and how we decided with that free will to sin, we then became a fallen people. There’s no he or she became. It’s we became. As humanity.

As a result of the original sin, we see around us the destruction that is prevalent in our world, whether it is murder or natural, it is a result of our fallen nature. It is a result of our choice to sin. Not Adam’s and Eve’s choice to sin. If we do not own that sin, we will continue to blame others for the evil we see, and continue to not be part of the solution.

We sinned. And we are in sin, because of another. Yes. But we have also been redeemed by another. All of humanity was given a chance at redemption by the one, Jesus Christ.

Let’s us all then, on behalf of our human nature, recognise that we sinned and have fallen short. But not leave it there. Let’s us all, instead of questioning the sovereignty and goodness of God, and pointing the finger at him, let us collectively climb out of this sin pit we find ourselves in and thank Him for the gift of free will, thank Him for the offer of redemption and finally, “act justly, live humbly and love mercy”.

How else will we conquer prevailing evil?

Fighting the identity battle again.

I’m tired of all the nonsense. Tired of all the pressure. Tired of being on all the time. Tired of watching myself split. Tired of fighting this battle.

I thought I won this battle a decade ago. And maybe i had. and now the fighting is to get to the next level. That brings me peace and gives me strength. That fighting and battling 10 years ago wasn’t for nothing. I didn’t fail then. I succeeded. I won. But now it’s time to fight on the same field, to increase the old victory. To get even better at this. To remind myself I don’t care what you think. In a healthy way. And i do care what you think in a healthy way. And to remind myself who’s in charge and whose favour I should seek.


No title. No nothing. Only words. Thoughts spilling out of an overfilled mind, with little regard for depth, significance, meaning, value, humour, acceptance. An outpouring of me.

As the rocks cry out “THIS IS ME!!!”… so too my hearts longs to scream “stop trying trying to mold me into a better you”. Right now I only want to be loved and comforted and told it’s all going to be ok, because (to be honest) sometimes I’m overwhelmed with pressure to be sure. Sure that it’s all going to be ok. And i want time to question, time to ask, time to wonder.

Give me time to get there and I’m pretty sure I will. But hurry me to that point and I won’t be.

Give me time to embrace my process

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